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Global Communications Newsletter - ICC 2024 at DU
A well-attended COMSOC Chapter / DU Student Chapter program on the recent International Communications Conference (Seoul, KR) held in May of this year. Tim Weil, General co-Chair ICC 2024 presented a travelogue and technical narrative of the program to a well-attended group. October 2022 Issue of COMSOC GCN (full story)  
ICC 2024 Operations Tours the Sheraton Hotel
Thanks to our host from the Sheraton and COMSOC for arranging the walk through. The IEEE Power & Energy Society was in full program mode. ICC 2024 Operations Committee - Jim, David, Ian, Mark and Tim  power and energy at work. ICC 2024 (Denver, Colorado - Scaling the Peaks of Global Communications Adding walk through of Kevin Taylor's Restaurant at DCPA Opera House  
CFP - IT Professional Special Issue - xG Impact on Technology and Systems
Call For Papers - xG Impact on Information Technology and Systems CFP Flyer - xG Impact on Information Technology and Systems CFP Slide - xG Impact on Information Technology and Systems Important Dates Submissions Due: 25 November 2022

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Tim Weil is a Security Architect/IT Security Manager with over twenty five years of IT management, consulting and engineering experience in the U.S. Government and Communications Industry.  Mr. Weil's technical areas of expertise include IT Security Management, Enterprise Security Architecture, FISMA Compliance, Identity Management, and Network Engineering. Mr. Weil is a Senior Member of the IEEE and has served in several IEEE positions.