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IT Risk and Resilience—Cybersecurity Response to COVID-19

IT Pro SI on Security and Data Protection During COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond (Sept-Oct 2023)

IT Risk and Resilience - Cybersecurity Response to COVID-19 (IEEE Computer Society presentation) - Nov 2020

IEEE vTools Registration - 11/10/20 - Computer Society of DC / NoVa

IEEE vTools Registration - 2/9/21 - Denver Section Meet and Learn

Computer Edge (Oct 2020) - IT Risk and Resilience (Response to COVID-19)

IT Risk and Resilience - Cybersecurity Response to COVID-19 in Computing Edge

Availabile on IEEE Computer Edge magazine (Oct 2020)

The COVID-19 epidemic impacted IT [primarily] positively, benefiting IT industry and IT professionals and serving public goods.” Their article, “IT Risk and Resilience—Cybersecurity Response to COVID-19,” notes that the pandemic has raised some important issues as well, such as “increased and novel cybersecurity threats and risks, performance issues due to significantly increased workload, and business continuity.  This paper highlights the National Institute of Standards (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) as an operational model for managing the COVID-19 disruption to information technology (IT) services.

Available on Research Gate - Authors T. Weil and S. Murugasan

THE Rapid and  worldwide spread of the corona virus and its illness known as COVID-19 has made huge impact on almost everything has taken us all by surprise. We all are now experiencing a major unprecedented and unexpected global public health crisis. This pandemic has also triggered huge social upheavals, disrupted almost every industry, and impacted the life and work of everyone in almost every country. Businesses and educational institutions are closed, many employees are forced to work from their homes, supply chains have been disturbed, people are being required to self-isolate, and most travel, in-person meetings, and conventions have been banned. These disruptions could continue for months, and the resulting economic, business, and social impact will last for years.

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