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Secure Automotive Network (V-PKI Hits the Highway)

Vehicular Public Key Infrastructure (V-PKI) Secure Communications for the US DOT Connected Vehicle Pilot Program


Topics in Digital Privacy and Connected Vehicles

Federal Reports

US Department of Transportation (US DOT)


Connected Vehicle (CV) 2017-Pilot Deployment Program (3 Venues)


National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA)


Crash Avoidance Metrics Partners (CAMP)

Connected Vehicle (CV) 2017-Secure Credential Management System (VPKI)-CAMP


Connected Vehicle (CV) 2017-Secure Credential Management System Implementation (CAMP Wiki)


Cryptographic Methods-Secure Credential Management System (CAMP Wiki)


ITERIS-US DOT ITS National Architecture (ARC-IT)


EU-Security Architecture for Vehicular Communications


Anonymity and Privacy

Research and Development


US IEEE WAVE and SAE Standards


Testbeds and Commercial Markets


Vehicular Networks Books and Publications


Connected Vehicle (CV) 2011-Safety Pilot Program (6 Venues)


Wiki ITS References


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