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ABAC and RBAC - New article in IEEE IT Professional (May/June 2013)

Is it possible to obtain the flexibility and advantages of attribute-based access control while maintaining role-base

Highlights from the IEEE GLOBECOM 2012 Conference (COMSOC)

Software Defined Networking (SDN), Cloud API, IPv6 Forum, Smart Grid, Machine to Machine Networks

RBAC Policy-Enhanced (ANSI 494-2012) Published

RBAC Policy-Enhanced (ANSI 494-2012) is now published (5 years in development).

CS1 RBAC Standards - A Computer Science Colloquium at University of Denver (13-Jan 2011)

This talk will be a discussion of the recent standards development activities of the International Committee on IT St

Publication Update - Vehicular Networking: Survey and Tutorial on Requirements, Architecture

"Vehicular Networking: A Survey and Tutorial on Requirements, Architecture, Challenges, Standards and Solutions" - (G

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